Research Platform

Alloksys established an integral research network comprising of several academic and biotech collaborations, both nationally and international. Recombinant RESCAP for chronic inflammatory diseases is developed within a partnering ETB program on the novel CAP9 human amnion host cell production platform from CEVEC Pharma, enabling favorable dosing regimes and COG.

Clinical Status

After finalising a phase II clinical trial with bRESCAP (see news update April 2008) in prevention of ischemia-reperfusion damage during cardiovascular surgery , Alloksys has started subsequent studies in invasive surgery. A phase IIIa study has been executed in patients undergoing heart valvular surgery in a multi centre international trial. To date, interim evaluation of this phase IIIa trial is completed, demonstrating favourable result in patients treated with bRESCAP. Thus reduced (none) mortality was observed and reduced morbidity (60% less) in treated patients as compared to placebo-treated patients. Both patients groups received the treatment on top of standard care treatment. Placebo-treated  patients showed expected morbidity and mortality rates.

Investor Relations

We actively invite parties that wish to be committed to the same objectives and will support us in our endeavour of developing therapeutic proteins that will significantly improve the quality of life of patients that suffer from acute and chronic disabilitating inflammatory diseases. For this purpose we seek investors, contract organisations, biotech companies or pharmaceutical companies that wish to participate in, or co-develop our specific programs, each for which a separately financed business line will be set-up.